Change Your Due Date

You may not be able to control when a lot of things happen in life, but you CAN control your payment due date with The General®.  When money is tight, changing your due date for payments can really save a lot of stress.  This makes it easy for you to buy and keep affordable auto insurance!

(Commercial from Spring 2013)


Sarah: (Sighs) I really wish I could change my due date!

Kelli: What?

Sarah: For my car Insurance payment! (laugh)  My rent and my credit card bills are all due at the same time.

Kelli: You should move your car insurance over to The General®. Their monthly payments are low, and YOU can choose your due date! For car insurance that is!  And The General®‘s customer satisfaction rating is 97%.

Announcer: Affordable car insurance from The General®. Get a free quote right now and choose your own due date.
[On Screen Graphics: Affordable Auto Insurance - Low Payments - Choose Your Due Date - Minimum Required Coverage or Maximum Protection]

Jingle:  For great low rate you can get online, go to The General® and save some time.
[On Screen Graphics: Anonymous Free Quote - Online Only]

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